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Experience a happy space with your spouse and pets in your Adorable Home with (unlimited currency of hearts, money and all unlocked resources) by Apk Mud
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September 11, 2021
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The area of simulation games is quite vast and eye-catching for most gamers because it always has something new to offer. One such creation is Adorable Home Mod Apk where you can experience the feelings of being in love and having content and happy family. It uses extremely simplified and pleasing to the eye graphics which lets the player feel very relaxed in his happy space. This game also gives you the opportunity to raise cute little pets and even construct a house to live in, leading to a lovely happy home one dreams of. You’d require a great deal of money and resources to perform these tasks, access to them is made easier now with this version where you will get unlimited money, hearts, bathroom unlock and in-game unlocked resources for a real relaxed gameplay. However, you’re at the right place for the Adorable Home game free download on Apkmud.

adorable home mod apk

Adorable Home Game Features

I will be discussing few important features of this game below, have a look: 

Start a life with your partner

When you will start playing the game, it’d ask you to choose a random gender pair to start with and this choice of yours will definitely affect the further gameplay. You can even personalize and customize the characters with amazing styles and beautiful costumes. Any character you choose will reflect as a real-life person experiencing the realities of life but in a virtual world. Many items are already present there for character customization and with every update, they’re upgraded as well giving the players a chance to explore more and more new stuff.

adorable home mod apk

Have a peaceful lifestyle

Life has many ups and downs and one would never feel at peace for long but with the Adorable Home game, you can experience this too. The game starts off as a very simple task that is you have to move into a newly constructed house with your partner and live there peacefully along with your cute pets.  Now begins the story of each day which is meant to be passed with peace. You will be working hard to improve your living quality at the same time. You will be given the opportunities to do wonderful things for your house like decorating the rooms with cute wallpapers, changing your furniture to your favorite designs and much more. You’d also come across an area of events where you’d see lots of interesting everyday activities to perform and if you do so within a certain time limit you will receive great rewards which you can use to further modernize your house and love your partner and animals more by being content. 

Raise cute pets

Start off with a cute cat Snow and take care of her in the best way so that you are capable to pet more cute animals through the lovely pet system introduced in the game where you can pet as many animals as you can and of different breeds but they require more than usual care at the same time needing you to be more conscious about it. You can build different playing spaces for your pet’s entertainment. Make your house look vibrant and fun-filled with the presence of your cute pets. Entertain your pets to earn great rewards. Take care of your pets’ food like buying the best quality cat food and nurture your pet cat with love and make similar efforts for your other pets. 

Decorate your home

Your beautiful house will always have the potential to look more beautiful. You can upgrade the interior as well as the exterior of the house by spending little money. You can change everything in your rooms according to your will. The shopping menu will expose you to different options like choosing suitable styles and vibrant colors. You also have to take care of your adorable home’s garden, make sure it is always green. The more beautiful the house looks, the more love is going to increase between your couple. The love points you get can be spent on discovering new things and unlock many locked options. You can move freely across the rooms in the house to do the tasks of upgrading easily. Decorate your house at its best and unlock new content every day.

adorable home mod apk

Care for your partner

Along with amazing graphics, the mechanics of Adroable Home seem to be real in order to emphasize an authentic gameplay experience. The thoughts and overall personality of the player can also be accessed and he has to work on it to achieve the goal of a happy home. It’s not like everything will go smoothly daily, there will be many bad instances as well, however it depends on how you choose to deal with them. Don’t forget to be aware of your partner’s choices and take care of them as well. Prepare dinner, take your partner shopping and be affectionate towards them to be called as a lovely partner contributing towards a happy home. The more situations you handle mentally, the more your love will increase! When your partner goes to work, prepare him lunch with love, prepare a nice and delicious meal for him and decorate the bento box attractively. The better the food tastes, the more hearts you will receive from your partner when he tastes it. 

Treasure every memory

Capturing favorite moments in camera is a new norm and this is used in this game as well. You can save every memorable event on camera to treasure them later with your partner. Capture your pet’s cutest blunders and your partner’s goofy moments and look at them later on in the game’s memory feature. As you keep collecting precious moments on the camera, more and more amazing features will get unlocked to discover.

Adorable Home Mod Features

Since the currency of the game is not the usual one like coins or money, it is instead in the form of hearts. The more hearts you earn by making your partner and pets happy the more resources you could buy for their comfort and decorate your house to look vibrant and beautiful. Earning hearts is not a difficult task, just do things that content your partner, entertain your pets and make sure they are happy, the happier they will be the more hearts you will earn but sometimes this process becomes annoying because you want to buy a lot of things at once and the availability of hearts is not permitting you to do so.  So we have solved this problem of yours, when you will play the cheat mod downloaded from our website you will get access to unlimited hearts i.e measure currency and you’d also see that the shopping menu will be fully unlocked therefore you won’t be requiring bothersome access premium currency that is unlimited money to get your hand on decoration items and food + gifts for your partner and pets. So spend as much heart on your favorite stuff as much you want without worrying about them getting finished. Get all this and other amazing stuff with Adorable Home hack.

Download Adorable Home Mod Apk (Unlimited Hearts/Money)

  • Go to settings, then security and turn on the permission for downloading files from unknown sources.
  • Now download the file by clicking the “download” button.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, open it, it will start getting installed.
  • The game is finally installed
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Now enjoy the Game!


The game gives off the vibes of love and harmony which is something unusual from those everyday action games and is obviously worth giving a try. Make a cute happy family with your partner and mischievous pets, go through happy and sad moments together and strengthen your love with time. Make your love an example to cherish forever. Experience realistic moods, thoughts and reactions when going through daily life problems virtually creating an adorable home!


What's new

Autumn is the perfect time to sit with your partner and contemplate how the leaves falling from the trees signal the beginning of new cycles in our Adorable Lives. Enjoy each other and your Adorable Home with the exclusive Autumn "Falling for Love" collection!


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How to install Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 1.16 (Unlimited Hearts/Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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