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With the new arrival of PUBG in the market, gamers have been looking for something similar, in the sense of having a battle royale, more or less. Now, we all know the struggle of finding the modded/hacked version of PUBG, this is exactly why we have brought you its twin; Garena Free Fire Mod Apk. it has the same kicks to it and with our latest modded version, you can enjoy it with Unlimited Coins, Diamonds and Gems!

However, Garena Free Fire Hack Apk ersion provides an easier way of gameplay. Because this is the Free Fire Hack Apk it has definitely Unlocked many features, Unlimited Money and Health, a huge variety to customize the characters. So download this game and start playing for a wonderful and thrilling experience. Let’s move toward exploring the Free Fire game.

Gareena Free Fire Mod Apk


This game is super simple and very easy to understand, all a person needs is some wits and you can enjoy this, anywhere, anytime! With its smooth graphics and easy control, be a pro at your ease.

Teaming along with audio chats

Just like the discord feature, Garena Free Fire MOD APK allows you to create teams of 4, these can consist of your already existing friends or your new gaming community. It allows you to speak freely, with complete privacy and enjoy the game with fail-proof strategies that always make you win together.

Smooth and realistic graphics

Graphics and smooth controls are such keys to a pleasant gaming experience. This is exactly why our modded version has up-to-date graphics that allow you to enjoy the real world, right from your seat.

Mod Features


Imagine this; you’re new at the game, you’re struggling and unable to master the technique that it takes to have a good shot. What you would be looking out for is: Aimbot. This little handy dandy tool allows you to make each strike with complete perfection. You no longer need to worry about targeting the enemy or being called a noob. Show off what a pro you are with this tool, specifically present in our modded version of Free Fire.


Wait, did you think aimbot was all? Nope, we also have an auto-aim feature. This will automatically correct your gunpoint and then all you need to do is simply press the button! A tad bit different from our ‘Aimbot’ feature where you wouldn’t have to press the button either. That feature is for straight-up noobs, but this ‘Auto-aim’ is even used by Pros! They find it very helpful when your enemy is moving, you can easily get a perfect target on its back with auto-aim and then simply press the button to make it look real, impressing everyone with your feat! A little something to be noted though, this feature is specific for our Free Fire Mod Apk, the original version does not contain any such cool features at the moment.

War chests

Sounds so cool, doesn’t it? These war chests have been added so you can easily loot and collect your valuables. These can be put into several locations all around the maps. Gamers can then choose to pluck any valuables out.

Game modes

The developers are constantly striving to engage new gamers into something exciting. Similarly, this time they have launched fun and even more competitive gaming modes. Some of them include

The classic: this standard mode allows upto 50 competitors to play and see who’s the best in the field. Clash squad, similar to CS:GO, this mode consists of team work. 2 teams of 4 members each are supposed to defeat the enemy squad. Winning these will get you rewarded in game money, you can cash this for new weaponry. 

Rush hour: this mode is specifically beneficial for gamers who want a quick battle. 20 players are present in a small area, making this a quick win or defeat. 

Kill secured is a match to death: The main goal is to get as many kills on the other team as possible, collecting the dog tags they drop after death. Big- head is this crazy weird mode similar to kill secured, only this time you get crazy large heads.  

The goal is to increase your ranking and get exciting rewards.


Although this game was originally released with one map for the battle royale, things have changed drastically since then. Some of these new changed in maps are outlined below: 

Bermuda is the standard map given to everyone who joins hence the most popular of them all. It consists of Greenlands and several barrier reefs simultaneously featuring residence complexes, factories and power plants along with various different locations. 

Another map, named Purgatory was released further on. It’s drastically different from the original. It has huge lands divided by forked rivers. You can play here from 6-10 PM every day. 

Kalahari is one of the new additions in Garena Free Fire Mod Apk. It’s a large dessert with weird but exciting locations, making it one of the most chaotic yet exciting maps of them all. It has high-duty weapons thrown all across its lands. Furthermore, you can find various places that accommodate different gaming styles. Because of the weaponry, this location is most sought after in Bermuda.

Teaming along with audio chats

Just like the discord feature, Garena Free Fire MOD APK allows you to create teams of 4, these can consist of your already existing friends or your new gaming community. It allows you to speak freely and with complete privacy, you can now enjoy the game with fail-proof strategies that always make you win together.

Unlimited diamonds and coins

Diamonds and coins are very important for you to unlock cool stuff such as characters and unique equipment. But wait, how will you obtain all those diamonds and coins? Free Fire asks you to pay for them! But no longer, with our hacked version, you can have all that you need with free and unlimited diamonds and coins! Get your hands on your favorite characters and guns, maybe even unique customization, all with free coins and diamonds. You will also be able to unlock different features. Sounds like a deal-breaker to me! 

Unlimited health

This was probably one of my most favorite features. We all know how it feels like to play carelessly and then get hit, regretting it since your health depletes drastically. You no longer need to worry about this. As soon as you’re hit or some of your health is used up, Cod Mode will automatically refill your lives and it’ll be as if you never got hurt! Makes you feel invincible and allows you to catch all your enemies effortlessly. 

Unlimited Garena Shells

If you’ve already played this page beforehand, you’d know what I’m talking about. Garena shells are sort of an in-game currency that you can use for upgrades. These allow you to get gears, weapons and different kinds of cool supplies. You’ll also be able to unlock new skins for your guns and much more. Usually, you need to buy Gareena shells with real money but in this modded version, however, you will be given unlimited Garena shells that you can use throughout the game. 

Mod menu

Now, this might sound dumb but hear me out. All these features seem cool but sometimes you feel like playing the real deal, the actual game without all this. We understand you. This is exactly why we have our Mod Menu. This little panel allows you to switch on or off your desired feature. 

Customize your own character

Yes! Like most other games, Garena Free Fire also allows you to customize your character as you see fit, how exciting!

How to Install

There is no such hard and fast rule to install the Cave Apk on your device. The procedure is very easy and involves the following steps;

  • Go to Settings →  then → Security → Unknown Sources turn on Permission for installing files
  • Now download the file by clicking the “download” button.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, open it, it will start getting installed.
  • The game is finally installed

Now enjoy the Free Fire Mod Apk Hack! 

Final verdict

Garena Free Fire is a relatively simple game. It’s definitely in-line after PUBG. Gamers have been quoted to be so addicted to the point where they had to uninstall the application. But, it is worth every second. So, Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk free for Android and enjoy the game.

For any queries, please feel free to comment down below.

What's new

1. Clash Squad Season 10 - Begins 12/02 17:00 GMT+8.
2. Lone Wolf is available again for a limited time only!
3. New rank - Master - now available in Clash Squad.
4. Matchmaking for Craftland now available.
5. Assist notifications now available.
6. New Weapon MAC10.
7. Map balancing for Mill and Academy in Bermuda - Clash Squad.
8. New Armor Attachments available in the Battle Royale.
9. Lobby UI Revamp.

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