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Download Neo Monster Mod Apk and capture some legendary monsters, indulge in PvP battles with Unlimited Money/Capture and much more.
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November 1, 2021
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Neo Monsters game belongs to the genre of action games where you would be watching a huge battle between monsters and you would be the one leading it. 

Being one of the biggest role-playing games, Neo Monsters Mod Apk provides you the opportunity to capture, train and make them fierce to win one on one battles.

 Neo Monster Mod Apk


You will come across a situation where two equally strong teams will be fighting opposite each other. One team would consist of 16 real gamers and you could join clans to make an undefeatable team with other pro players and try your skills at different modes. This game will put your strategic planning skills to the test and you’d also be able to put more than 100 skills. Sounds very exciting!  

In order to attract more users, the most important thing that needs to be perfect is graphics and this game uses extremely fine and high-quality graphics which present a realistic picture of war and other scenarios.

 Neo Monster Mod Apk

You will get the chance to create your own monster team, each of the team monsters having some distinctive characteristics. Capture unlimited monsters now to train them for the best action on the battlefield! 

You can make the best team by using your strategic vision and choosing a combination of best attacking and surviving monsters. The game gets updated at every interval where many new missions, stories and weapons are introduced putting a full stop to the usual monotony. With more than 100 missions to your reach, we assure you that you’d never get bored of playing Neo because each mission has its own identity, no repetitiveness.


Neo Monster game starts with your character arriving at the capital of Othlon and here you’ll be succeeding your late uncle as an owner of his beloved monster clan. Now your goal is to become the ultimate monster trainer. Train rarest monsters out there and go through several missions testing your training and strategic skills. You can either align a battle online and compete with the best players out there to earn special rewards and climb up the ladder of rankings, or directly have a one on one player vs player battle. Be ready! In order to ace the battles, you must make sure to choose such monsters for your team that can work very well in combination, put your strategic mindset at work! Your choice of monsters matters a lot because they decide your loss or win in the battlefield. You can send at least 4 fierce monsters on the field at a time but your team would consist of 16 of them. Choose wisely!

Features of Neo Monsters

Tons of monsters

It’s not like the amount and kind of monsters you would be able to train will be limited. You’d get a variety i.e hundreds of monsters to capture, teach and make them fight. The monsters will be fully animated which is obviously very much eye pleasing adding to the fun factor that a gamer strives to experience while playing RPGs.

High-Quality adventure

What’s a game without adventurous touch to it? Here you can wake up your inner adventurer and explore a diversified 6 different worlds and experience hours of the best experience. Is the adventurer inside you excited? Well, he should be.

Training and customization

When you capture a monster of any breed, it is like a blank paper and it will immediately adapt to whatever you teach him and however, you train him. Teach them the best stunts and grant them ever-lasting skills to shine in the field of battle. You can also customize your monster according to your wish with all those items available on the shopping menu.

 Neo Monster Mod Apk

Missions and leagues

Our games never have limited or repetitive gameplay instead you are going to experience something we term as the best! You have to strive hard through 6 varied leagues to be called an ultimate champion. Also, there are more than 130 missions to complete and each of them having unique attributes. Doesn’t that make the game very unique to its gameplay?

Combinations of fierce monsters

Here the combination of monsters you choose to be the part of your team plays a very important role because the more strategic the combination the more damage it will cause to your enemies.


Use some amazing strategies to make sure enemies come to their knees. Lock your opponents with stun moves or attack them with the feature of TimeStrike. Make them go to sleep with DreamHunt and take advantage of it. And also keep your team members safe with your protecting skills and much more exciting features to explore!

 Neo Monster Mod Apk

What’s Unique?

When playing Neo Monsters you can poison the enemy monsters with poison eaters and cause massive destruction.

You can also make your enemies sleep and then make them your deadly target. 

Now with the feature of blood craving, stack up against your enemies by killing them one by one!

Mod Features

In order to get rid of limited gameplay and locked resources that usual android games come with, we have developed the hack version of Neo Monsters because your satisfaction is our motto. Let’s name a few of the amazing features that this Neo Monsters Mod Apk comes with;

Unlimited team cost

Unlimited team cost means that you’d be getting infinite money to establish the best monster clan having a fierce combination of monsters. There’ll be no limit to the extent of money you get to spend on buying the best monsters. 

Unlimited capture chances

If you have played the original version, you must have seen that you get limited chances to successfully capture monsters that can be annoying sometimes because you run out of the chances most of the time and have to stop playing. But now we have got you covered on this, you will get unlimited, never-ending chances to capture the best of the monsters and create a fierce, deadly team. Gear up!

Unlimited fruits

Now when you are training monsters, obviously their feeding is on you and you have to buy fruits and stuff for them with the money you got in your account but now you can get them for free and that too unlimited so feed the beast to your monsters so that it shows on the battlefield.

One-click training

Now you don’t have to struggle hard to best train your monsters you can train them to the maximum level with just one click with our hack version.


To conclude I would say if you are a fan of action plus RPGs you must give this monster training and fighting game a try because I guarantee that you won’t regret it because it has got the best-diversified gameplay and some fabulous features mentioned above for your reference. So take the right decision and download Neo Monster Mod Apk free game and get everything unlimited and unlocked.


What's new

- Added Stun Absorber battle buff icon
- Added a function to turn off monster max bond effect in battles
- Added a new function for PvP: Player Timer
- Adjusted monster balance
- Added new monsters and skills
- Bug fixes


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